MycoGrow®: Mycorrhizal Fungi for Healthy Gardens

The term mycorrhizal comes from the Greek words mykes, meaning fungus, and rhiza, meaning root. Mycorrhizal fungi are fungi that have developed a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationship with the root systems of living plants, from garden vegetables all the way up to the trees of the Old Growth forests. Networks of mycorrhizal filaments envelop the seedling’s root structure, supporting the plant’s own ability to utilize water and nutrients in the soil. This relationship encourages healthy, vigorous growth.

Mycorrhizal Root Diagram

Roots that lack mycorrhizae (left) have limited ability to capture water, minerals and nutrients from the surrounding soil. Roots with mycorrhizae (right) have more surface area and greater “reach”, resulting in significantly enhanced uptake.

Sadly, modern techniques for clearing and developing land for human use tend to destroy mycorrhizal fungi, thereby reducing the ability of plants to thrive in man-made environments and forcing us to resort to fertilizers and other artificial means of promoting plant growth.

It is now possible to re-introduce mycorrhizal fungi to the soil, replenishing and re-vitalizing it in an effective, safe and 100% natural way. Fungi Perfecti’s MycoGrow products are designed for everyone from the home gardener/landscaper to the professional forestry manager, promoting faster growth, speeding transplant recovery and reducing the need for fertilizers and other additives. A number of different formulations are available, for all methods of plant cultivation.

(Please note: the mushroom species in our MycoGrow mycorrhizal fungus products have been selected for their speed of growth and maximum potential benefit to plants; they are neither gourmet nor medicinal mushrooms. While these species are not toxic or dangerous in any way, they are nonetheless not intended for human consumption.)


Local Puget Sound organic farmer John Moss performed an experiment with his crop of onions, treating one bed with MycoGrow to see how it would compare to his other beds. The results were impressive!

Our MycoGrow products contain mushroom species that are approved for use throughout the continental United States and Canada. However, our customers in Hawaii should be aware that they are not permitted in the state of Hawaii. We encourage all international customers to check their countries’ import regulations prior to ordering.

Additional Information

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