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The Resilient Farm and Homestead

The Resilient Farm and Homestead: an Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach


Land designer Ben Falk has drawn national attention with his permaculture-research facility, the Whole Systems Research Farm. This book covers nearly every strategy Falk and his team have been testing over the past decade, as well as experiments from other sites Falk has designed through his off-farm consulting business. The book includes detailed information on earthworks; gravity-fed water systems; species composition; the site-design process; site management; fuelwood hedge production and processing; human health and nutrient-dense production strategies; rapid topsoil formation and remineralization; agroforestry/silvopasture/grazing; ecosystem services, especially regarding flood mitigation; fertility management; human labor and social-systems aspects; tools/equipment/appropriate technology; and much more, complete with gorgeous photography and detailed design drawings. More than just a book of tricks and techniques, it offers actual working results in living within complex farm-ecosystems based on research from the “great thinkers” in permaculture, and presents a viable home-scale model for an intentional food-producing ecosystem in cold climates, and beyond. 320 pages, softcover.

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