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The Pink Oyster Mushroom Patch™

The Pink Oyster Mushroom Patch™



1 diamonds out of five

Live Item: must be started within 3 days of receipt.

Seasonally Available: Due to its environmental requirements, this item is not suitable for year-round shipping and growing. It will not be available for purchase from October through April. Thanks for your understanding!

Skill Level: 1/5 KID FRIENDLY
Growing Temperature: 70–85° F

A tropical species, the Pink Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus djamor) is also known as the Flamingo Oyster. This Mushroom Patch produces strikingly beautiful, bright pink mushrooms. Each kit is custom-made when ordered; please allow 1 week for your order to ship. Due to its temperature requirements, the Pink Oyster Mushroom Patch™ is only available for purchase from May through October.

Special Offer! Take 20% off your order of FP's Indoor or Outdoor Mushroom Patches when you order 4 or more! (Discount does not apply to shipping charges. All Patches must appear on the same invoice. Not valid with other offers.)

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