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The Perfect Pickler®

The Perfect Pickler®


We try to be dispassionate when we’re evaluating products for our catalog, but consensus around the office is, the Perfect Pickler® is hands-down amazing. This ingenious, easy-to-use tabletop fermentor allows you to make your own delicious pickled produce—including mushrooms—in only a few days. A simple brine of water, salt and spices (no vinegar needed) is all that’s required. Simply fill a wide-mouth canning jar with your recipe (many recipes are included, or create your own). The liquid-filled air-lock stem keeps unwanted airborne microbes out and odors in. Fermentation begins from the moment you seal the jar. Within days, you have a batch of healthy, probiotic cultured produce that you transfer to your refrigerator, where it will keep almost indefinitely. Make dill pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, chutneys....the only limit is your imagination! Kit comes with everything you need to turn a single wide-mouth mason jar into a tabletop fermentation system (jar not included).

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