The Brush Puller™

The Brush Puller™


Paul's PickPart of caring for any landscape is identifying and controlling unwelcome, potentially troublesome plant life. Here in the Pacific Northwest, that inevitably includes Scotch Broom, a pervasive species originally introduced to the area from Europe as an ornamental plant and means of erosion control. The stuff grows quickly and forms dense clusters which tend to be a beast to remove. That's where the Brush Puller comes in. This simple but elegant device uses leverage to yank even the most persistent woody brush—up to 2" in diameter—out of the ground quickly and easily. Paul fell in love with this product the first time he used it to clear some Scotch Broom around his home. When the original manufacturer decided to close up shop, we worked with a local metal fabricator to recreate the design, and now we're offering it to our customers. Built to last with heavy-gauge steel, slip resistant handle, and powder-coated polyurethane paint in Safety Yellow. The Brush Puller is the ideal way to remove heavy brush with ease.


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