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Self-Contained Air Filtration Unit

Self-Contained Air Filtration Unit


This handy all-in-one unit is designed to fit in most ceiling grid systems, simplifying installation in your culture lab or other clean room. Features a 48 x 24 inch HEPA filter that filters airborne particles down to .3 microns with 99.99% efficiency. The built-in fan with speed control runs at up to 800 CFM and generates only 57 dB of noise. The sturdy metal housing includes an enameled metal grille to protect the face of the filter. Can be operated both horizontally and vertically, making it ideal for everything from permanent installation to spot filtration. This unit can also function as a quiet and effective laminar flow hood for the laboratory environment. (Due to its relatively low air velocity [approximately 100 feet per minute], this unit should be used as a laminar flow hood in environments where there is already sufficient air filtration or treatment for general laboratory use; it is not suitable for this purpose in areas with a high airborne particle count.) Requires a 3-wire power cable for connection to an electrical gang box or wall outlet (cord not included).115V, 90 watts, .96 amps. Measures 48 x 24 x approximately 16 inches, weight: 84 pounds.

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