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Muttrooms™--Mushroom Dog Biscuits


Back by popular demand, Muttrooms™ are Certified Organic, peanut-flavored vegetarian dog treats with the same high-powered mixture of five mushrooms found in MUSH™--Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake and Turkey Tail--to help promote superior health for your dog. Newly reformulated, Muttrooms™ are now wheat, corn, soy and dairy-free. We feed these healthy treats to our own pets, and have yet to meet a dog who doesn't love them. Our customers have also fed them to their cats, horses, alpacas, kangaroos and skunks (we don't recommend you feed any skunks you might see out and about). Net weight 12 ounces, approximately 120 Muttrooms™ per box.

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