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Mushroom Print Tote Bag

Mushroom Print Tote Bag


Everyone could use a tote bag, right? Even if you already have one (or more than one), it’s always handy to have a backup for those unexpected grocery runs. As one local natural food store put it on a sign they posted in their parking lot, “A Bag in the Hand is Worth Two in the Car”. We couldn’t agree more! From Northwest print artist Nikki McClure, this handsome tote bag features a reproduction of McClure’s awesome print of a pair of Amanita muscaria resting in a bed of vegetation. Made from 100% recycled fabric; 20% is from soda bottles and the other 80% is from reclaimed, recycled post-consumer cotton. Measures 18” long x 15” high x 5” wide, with a gusseted bottom. Sturdy and stunning, this work of functional art will give you years of loyal service.

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