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500 mL Beer Beaker

Laboratory Glassware--500 mL Beer Beaker


Paul's PickPaul recently ordered a set of laboratory-grade borosilicate glassware to use as unique serving containers when enjoying a drink with family and friends. He enjoys using them them so much that he wants to offer them to our customers. Says Paul:

"'And how many milliliters of wine would you like?'
"For you science nerds, these science-y looking serving vessels are Über cool for home or for parties! For wine connoisseurs, I highly recommend the 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask. For beer enthusiasts, I suggest you try the 500 mL beaker. Knowing how many milliliters you consume can be very helpful for calorie and alcohol management! Plus it helps you understand the metric system better while imbibing!"

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