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From Bears and Trees to Mushrooms and Bees--Special Hardcover Edition

From Bears and Trees to Mushrooms and Bees: Special Hardcover Edition


Special Hardcover Edition: 200 copies only, each signed by David Marshall and Paul Stamets. Destined to become a collector's item!

Written by David Marshall with Paul Stamets, Illustrated by David Marshall. Foreword by Paul Stamets. In this book the main character Max is a boy whose curiosity leads him on a scientific path to solve a worldwide problem: Save the bees! Max describes the challenge bees face and reveals a revolutionary insight to help bees with mushroom mycelium. Moreover, the story underscores the complex inter-relationships of life cycles between bears, trees, mushrooms, bees, humans and much more. To be read over 3 nights. Paul hopes this story will inspire your children to become Citizen Scientists The message is that we need to protect this beautiful planet we call Earth, our home, and that solutions exist all around us, waiting to be discovered. Join Max, David and Paul on this scientific discovery adventure story. Suitable for readers ages 4–12. 8.5"x 8.5", 72 pages, hardcover.

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