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Decontamination Mats

Decontamination Floor Pads--Set of 30


Primarily used for the laboratory, each package contains 30 peel off mats. Since 90% of all contaminants are within one foot of the floor, the contamination vector posed by footwear is substantial. You can reduce this risk through the use of these tacky mats. When you see the amount of debris they remove from your feet, you'll come to appreciate their usefulness. We have also found another use: by incubating your cultures on a decontamination pad, mites and other mobile organisms are prevented from travelling from one culture to another. Hence, these mats can also work to limit cross-contamination between cultures. We strongly recommend trying them. Dimensions: 18 x 45 inches.

Special Deal: buy 4 sets of 30 Decontamination Mats for $129!

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