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Common Mushrooms of the Talamanca Mountains

Common Mushrooms of the Talamanca Mountains

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In this unique field guide, Roy E. Halling, Curator of Mycology for the New York Botanical Garden, and Gregory M. Mueller of the Field Museum in Chicago, present an introduction to the diversity of macrofungi found in the tropical oak forests of Costa Rica's Talamanca mountain range. 101 species are described. Combining research from the last ten-plus years, Halling and Mueller have concentrated on the collection, description, and documentation of mushrooms that occur naturally in Talamanca's tropical montane wet forests. The species that are emphasized are ones the authors encountered routinely or which are particularly outstanding in appearance. Also included are a background introduction to the forest habitats of the Talamanca mountains, a guide to collecting mushrooms, and a glossary to technical terminology. 195 pages, softcover.

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