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Biodiversity of Fungi

Biodiversity of Fungi


Edited by Mercedes S. Foster, Gerald F. Bills and Greg M. Mueller. This book is essential for anyone collecting and/or monitoring any fungi. Biodiversity of Fungi: Inventory and Monitoring Methods contains a wealth of information, especially regarding sampling protocols. Compiled by an international team of fungal biologists, this book is an incredible and fundamental resource for the study of organismal biodiversity. Chapters cover everything from the definition of a fungus to maintaining and organizing a permanent study collection with associated databases; from protocols for sampling slime molds to insect associated fungi; from fungi growing on and in animals and plants to mushrooms and truffles. The chapters are arranged both ecologically and by sampling method rather than by taxonomic group for ease of use. The information presented here is intended for everyone interested in fungi, anyone who needs tools to study them in nature including naturalists, land managers, ecologists, mycologists, and even citizen scientists and sophisticated amateurs. 777 pages, hardcover.

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