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Table of Contents                                                 Our Mission
                                                                                                                                 Fungi Perfecti  is a family-owned, environmentally                                           Bee Research
                                                               Our Mission                                       3               friendly company specializing in using mushrooms
                                                                                                                                 to improve the health of the planet and its people.
                                                               Health & Wellness                                                 Founded by mycologist and author Paul Stamets,
                                                               Host Defense  Mushroom Capsules                   4               Fungi Perfecti is Certified Organic by the Washington
                                                               Host Defense  Mushroom Extracts                   8               State Department of Agriculture. In business since
                                 By doing business with        MycoBotanicals                                  10                1980, we offer an ever-expanding product line
                                 Fungi Perfecti, you are       Body & Skin Care                                11                for the mushroom enthusiast.
                                "voting with your dollar" in   "Give Bees a Chance"                            12
                              support of organic farming and   Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushrooms                                   We keenly sense that fungi will play a pivotal role
                            sustainable environmental practices,   Indoor Mushroom Growing                     14                in new industries of the 21st century. Gourmet and
                                                                                                                                 medicinal mushrooms will continue to appeal to
                            and helping to support dozens of FP   Outdoor Mushroom Growing                     20                organic gardeners, commercial cultivators, researchers,
                              staff and their families. We want   Outdoor Plug Spawn & Growing Media           21                nutritionists, and ecological managers. Indeed, we
                              to thank you for more than 30    Plug Spawn For Log & Stump Cultivation          22                forsee a quantum leap in their popularity when the
                                years of working together!     Mushroom Sawdust Spawn                          24                public realizes that these fungi:
                                                               Cultivation Accessories                         24
                                                               MycoGrow  Mycorrhizal Fungi for Plants          26                •  support immunity & overall health*
                                                               Gourmet Mushroom Delights!                                        •  represent a pesticide-free alternative
                                                               Truffles & More                                 28                    to the traditional white button mushroom
                                                               Mushroom Cookbook                               30                •  are instrumental in the recycling of wood and
                                                               Dried Gourmet Mushrooms                         31                    agricultural byproducts
                                                               CordyChi  Chocolate                             32                •  can easily be grown by everyone
                                                               Mushroom Teas                                   33
                                                               Books                                                             Through our in-depth classes and information networks,
                                                               Books on Mushrooms                              34                we encourage the establishment of a constellation
                                                                                                                                 of independent, organically minded growers whose
                                                               Gifts                                                             collective consciousness will define this emerging                                  Protecting Rare Species
                                                               Mushroom Wear                                   36                industry well into the next century. We hope you
                                                               Gifts for Mushroom Lovers                       39                will join us in this endeavor. The future is ours.
                                                               Gifts For Mushroom Hunters                      41
                                                               Preserve Your Own Mushrooms                     43                Why Buy from Fungi Perfecti?
                                                               Mushroom Cultivation Equipment & Supplies                         When you make a purchase with our company,
                                                               Pure Mushroom Spawn & Cultures                  44                your money goes towards a lot more than just the
                                                               Sterile Mushroom Culture Kits                   45                bottom line. Among the projects Fungi Perfecti is
                                                               Sterile Culture Media & Tools                   47                actively pursuing are:
                                                               Pressure Cookers/Sterilizers                    50
                                                               Laminar Flow Hoods & Air Filters                50                    •  MycoRestoration research in partnership with
                                                               Fans & Accessories                              51                    private, local, state and federal organizations
                                                               Humidity, Watering & Refrigeration              52
                                                                                                                                 •  Discovering, preserving and protecting
                                                               Books by Paul Stamets                           54                    rare fungal strains such as Agarikon                                                  Clinical Research
                                                               The Stamets Cultivation Seminar                 55
                                                               The Mycelium Running Seminar                    55                •  Clinical research in partnership with major
                                                                                                                                     medical and scientific institutions
                                                               Prices and other information are subject to change
                                                               without notice. Fungi Perfecti is not responsible for             •  Sponsoring research students
                                                               typographical or graphical errors in this document.                   in the field of mycology
                                                               Photographs and catalog are copyrighted by Paul
                                                               Stamets, all rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.             •  Investing in research to prevent
         Finding wild Reishi                                                                                                         Colony Collapse Disorder among honey bees

                                                                Cover photo credit: Trav Williams                                                                                                                         MycoRestoration
         Photo Credit: Michael Lonneman                         Broken Banjo Photography

         2                                                                         Call us toll-free: (800) 780-9126             Order securely online at                                                                  3
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