Outdoor Mushroom Kits

Fungi Perfecti's Outdoor Mushroom Patches™ need to be mixed into a bed of material such as soil, ash or hardwood chips (the type of material will depend on the mushroom being cultivated, and is not provided) and allowed to grow out and colonize the bed. Inoculations should take place between March and October in the Northern latitudes, year 'round in the Southern latitudes (as a basic rule of thumb, you should inoculate your outdoor mushroom beds at least one month before your first hard freeze). As the Mushroom Caretaker, your job is to monitor the condition of your Patch and water it according to the instructions. After the bed is fully colonized with mushroom mycelium (typically 9–12 months), mushrooms will begin to form. Some species take longer or require more attention in order to produce than others.

To help you choose, we have included a simple rating key with each Patch shown below:

From Easiest Easy to most complex Complex

We hope you come to love mushrooms and mushroom growing as much as we do!


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