September is National Mushroom Month!

We're celebrating by highlighting some of our favorite products in a diferent category for each week of September: Fungal Foodies, Mushroom Hunters, Cultivators and Gardening With Mushrooms. Each week we will be picking one customer at random from all the purchases the previous week, and that person will win a free product from that week's category! Check back each week to see what's new!

National Mushroom Month Week 3: Mushroom Growers

National Mushroom Month Week 3: Mushroom GrowersWhile tracking down mushrooms in the wild is a wonderful and rewarding experience for so many people, growing them yourself can be just as fulfilling....and there tend to be a lot fewer mosquitoes.

From small indoor mushroom kits to outdoor beds and inoculated logs, all the way up to sophisticated professional growing operations, learning the tools and the techniques to produce your own gourmet mushrooms can be a labor of love. For many, it can even become a whole new way to put money in your pocket as well as food on your table.

Below is a collection of some our favorite "tools of the trade" for mushroom cultivators of all levels of interest.

Week 3 Giveaway: throughout the third week of September, everyone in the U.S. and Canada who places an order with Fungi Perfecti will be entered into a drawing to win a free Pink Oyster Mushroom Patch!

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