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Mushroom Information

Watch this space for updated information about fungi and fungus-related topics. Articles are listed in descending order, newest to oldest, based on the date they are posted.

A Personal Appeal from Paul Stamets

Some comments about Intellectual Property and a personal appeal to our customers.

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2010 by Paul Stamets

Some Unusual & Interesting Facts About Mushrooms

Some Unusual & Interesting Facts About Mushrooms

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2009 by Paul Stamets

The Largest Mushroom in North America(?)

The largest mushroom in North America? The largest in the world?

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2003 by Fungi Perfecti

Mushrooms, the Hwarang & the Martial Arts

Martial arts, particularly those Asian in origin, sprung from cultures which held medicinal plants in high esteem.

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2001 by Paul Stamets

A Pictorial Overview of the Mushroom Life Cycle

An overview of the mushroom life cycle...

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1996 by Fungi Perfecti

Something That Will Blow Your Mind!

We are constantly developing new projects, reflecting our passion and love for the bizarre...

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1995 by Paul Stamets