CordyChi® Chocolate

Many health professionals are extolling the benefits of dark chocolate, because it contains a powerful antioxidant. We here at Fungi Perfecti strongly believe in the synergistic benefits of healthy foods (and we really, really believe in chocolate), so we decided to combine our popular CordyChi® blend of Reishi and Cordyceps with delicious, all-natural dark chocolate candies. CordyChi® Chocolate is a delicious indulgence you can feel great about eating.

Mix and match any 20 of our CordyChi® Chocolate products and receive a 10% discount at checkout! (Not valid with other offers unless otherwise noted.)

Please note: because of their delicacy, CordyChi® Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Covered Berries are not shipped through the hotter summer months. For those who just can't do without their chocolate, please contact us via phone, fax or email to check on prices for expedited or specialized shipping.

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