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Fungi Perfecti Gets a Makeover

by Fungi Perfecti

Fungi Perfecti put up its first Web site in 1995, back when dialup was king and a newfangled company called Netscape was sweeping the nascent Internet community off its feet. A year later we bought our domain name ( and became a true citizen of the Web (does anyone even remember when only the big companies had their own domain names? Man, how time does fly!)

Over the years, our Web site underwent a few makeovers as the technology progressed. The most recent design had been around for quite a few years. Even though it worked, and folks seemed to like it, the site was starting to look pretty long in the tooth. "The 20th Century called; they want their Web site back!"

This year we decided to take the plunge and re-do the site up right. We've moved over to a new system that allows us to add new content faster and more easily than before, and moved all of our older content over as well. We've incorporated our Online Store into the fabric of our site, so you don't have to jump back-and-forth between the two any more. And we've spruced things up with a new, cleaner layout and interface. It's everything you loved about already, but better than ever. At least we hope you'll think so. If you have any input about our new look drop us a line and let us know. We'd love to hear what you think—good or bad, we can take it.

From all of us here at FP, thanks for visiting, and for your continued support of Fungi Perfecti!

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