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CordyChi® Chocolate Fudge... aka “Fudgerooms”

by Fungi Perfecti

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This recipe was adapted from my Great Aunt Catherine’s recipe, and has become a favorite here at Fungi Perfecti! It’s a flexible recipe, so you can add more of the fixings (nuts, coconut, etc) if you feel inspired. Have fun!


1⁄2 cup CordyChi® Hot Chocolate Mix
1⁄2 cup shredded coconut
1⁄4 cup coarsely chopped nuts (walnut, pecan, peanut, or hazelnut)
2⁄3 cup sweetener (honey, powdered sugar, maple or rice syrup)
1⁄4 cup or so coconut oil salt (to taste)

Optional: you may wish to mix in some vanilla, a few blueberries, caramel,  butterscotch chips, crispy rice, nut butter or anything you like. If you like spice, try the CordyChi® Spiced Hot  Chocolate Mix for a twist!

Buzz some or all of the mix in a mini-food processor/blender (or chop by hand) till smooth—or leave bigger pieces if you want the “chunky” texture.

Mix all ingredients well in a double boiler (substitute wide mouth quart canning jar in a
saucepan of water) to melt. This usually takes about 10 minutes.

Pour mixture into pan, allowing to cool. Chill and enjoy! Also makes a great hot topping when used as fondue or hot fudge!


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