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AMBIO Special Report

by Fungi Perfecti

AMBIO, a Journal of the Human Environment

AMBIO, a Journal of the Human Environment

The Biological, Socioeconomic and Managerial
Aspects of Chanterelle Mushroom Harvesting

A special report in AMBIO, a Journal of the Human Environment, a publication of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

This report is a compilation of a series of papers on Chanterelle harvesting in the Pacific Northwest, by some of the most noted researchers in the field, including botanists David Pilz and Randy Molina, and research forester Leon Liegel. Articles included:

Biological Productivity of Chanterelle Mushrooms
in and Near the Olympic Peninsula Biosphere Reserve

Relative Value of Chanterelles and Timber as Commercial Forest Products

The MAB (Man and the Biosphere) Mushroom Study as a
Teaching Case Example of Intrerdisciplinary and Sustainable Forestry Research

This treatise is an ideal compliment to the USDA publication on the American Matsutake mushroom listed below. 35 pages, $20.00 (cost includes surface shipping anywhere in the world. Other shipping methods available). For a copy, please contact:

Allen Press
attn.: Order Department
PO Box 1897
Lawrence, KS 66044-8897, USA
Phone: (800) 627-0326 or (785) 843-1234
Fax: (785) 843-1274

Ask for AMBIO Special Report Number 9, September 1998.

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