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A Personal Appeal from Paul Stamets

by Paul Stamets

A Personal Appeal from Paul Stamets

Dear Visitor to,

My life is dedicated to helping the health of planet & people through research and writings. I expend an enormous amount of money and energy to capture the best possible images for my books, our product literature, our Web site, and for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, there are unethical people in cyberspace who have copied my images without permission, without credit, and for personal gain. This is extremely depressing to me personally, and hence I ask for your help. Should you come across any of my images, writings, or facsimiles on the Internet, please email me with the contact information. (Note: there are a number of reputable companies using my images under license to resell Fungi Perfecti's products in catalogs and on the Web.) I can only give you my thanks, and hope that good karma is sufficient enough of a reward.

Paul Stamets

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